This device has had
amazing impact on my life.”

Suzanne Williams, CA

Though I would never rule out Divine intervention, I had become resigned to using prescription medication to treat my high blood pressure for the rest of my life. I had done everything in my own power to lower my blood pressure. I maintained a healthy weight, exercised, practiced healthy eating, regularly visited the chiropractor and got massage therapy but still saw no change.

"Suzanne, you hold your breath," my massage therapist told me bluntly one day. "I've known you for a while, so I can tell you, 'You hold your breath '!" She began to coach me in my breathing, making me aware of the value of breathing consciously. Sometime after that I saw an advertisement for RESPeRATE in Parade Magazine. My reaction was, "Why not try it? If nothing else, it will provide some relaxation and stress relief." Well, it did much more than that.

I purchased my RESPeRATE device and, realizing that this was a commitment, I used it almost daily, with my doctor's knowledge and regular medication, for nearly two months. During this time I did notice my blood pressure readings going down. One day I went to my doctor with flu-like symptoms. I had also felt a bit light headed. She noted my lower blood pressure, listened to my chest and told me I had pneumonia. She wrote me a prescription to address this. She also told me to stop one of my blood pressure medications until I felt better or until my blood pressure went to 140/90 or above. Well, it stayed low enough for me to remain on only one medication! RESPeRATE ended up being my answer to prayer.

Since then, let's just say that my commitment has not been as constant. But I am completely convinced that, with Gods help, I can return to that resolve. I can become free of medication to manage my blood pressure. Does that sound like a New Year's resolution? Stay tuned!

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